Why Can’t Search Results Screen Better by Date?

I realize there are some challenges with showing results by date. But the results shown now are pitiful. If you ask for results only in the last week, a vast majority of the results will still be ancient. They likely had some minor change to superflous text not even in the body of content for the page.

It really doesn’t seem like having the filters for time be better would be too hard. Even if they are not perfect making them much better wouldn’t be hard. Sadly the various search engines range form bad to pitiful to non-existent in their ability to provide accurate results filtered by date.

This seems like another opportunity for all those non-Google search engines to take advantage of Google’s inability to do this competently and gain some market share. But I haven’t noticed any of them taking advantage of this opportunity. If you know a search engine that actually provide somewhat accurate date filters add a comment.

3 thoughts on “Why Can’t Search Results Screen Better by Date?

  1. marc

    wow, good question!
    I found this as I began web-searching the same thing.
    I don’t see any replies here; did you learn anything helpful?

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