Moz Essentially Stops Sharing MozRank etc. via API

Moz had been allowing up to 1,000,000 rows of data to be retrieved via their API for free each month. We used that service when we updated our MultipageRank site to show Moz scores. We made this update because Google stopped updating their publicly shared pagerank values and were happen to support Moz’s commitment to providing data similar to what Google stopped sharing.

Moz updated their site (with no notice) to stop providing results after 25,000 rows a month (so 97.5% less than they used to – essentially none). To retrieve more you must pay $500+ every month. We don’t even get that much in revenue each year so that isn’t an option for us.

We will have to look for options about what to do, possibly finding an alternative to MozRank. At this point MozRank is still shared publicly via the toolbar so still is potentially a decent public metric. But just like Google removed the measure from the public once it had served to provide them marketing value maybe Moz will do the same thing and only provide the data for those paying for it. Obviously it is perfectly in their right (both Google and Moz) to restrict access to their data.

It sure would be nice if companies provided a few months notice before they stop the data from being provided. It will take us some time to update our site, since it is just a simple project we do to try and help people.

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