Why Do Visits to a Page that Jump After a Tweet Show Much Higher Visits than Twitter’s “link clicks”?

I am a bit confused by trying to understand the traffic to one of my blogs after a tweet. I tweeted about an old blog post (How to Build a System to Reduce Interruptions for Software Developers). It had received 2 page views in the previous month. The day I tweeted it, 81 visitors clicked through to the post.

The blog I tweeted about is a very old blog (I started it 15 years ago). I use it now just to post comments that I make on other blogs which I want to be able to reference later. It is hosted on blogger (which is not something I would normally do, but I just had this blog sitting around not doing anything so I decided to use it this way) and I don’t have access to server logs or such things. The Blogger statistics shows you the page views and some limited data (which is where I got the 81 visitors from).

But blogger shows only 32 coming from Twitter and no other referrer above 5. Twitter only shows 23 link clicks. Where are all the other visits coming from? And why does Blogger show more visits from Twitter than Twitter does (I guess people could have tweeted the same info as I did – but without using the retweet function)? I figure Twitter’s figure should be more accurate, but it could also just be inaccurate? I have always been disappointed by how low Twitter link clicks are (but I figured that is just the way it is). I often get more likes than “link clicks” and sometimes more retweets than “link clicks (which doesn’t make that much sense to me).

Anyway if you have thoughts on what is going on with this data, please let me know.

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3 thoughts on “Why Do Visits to a Page that Jump After a Tweet Show Much Higher Visits than Twitter’s “link clicks”?

  1. Chevelle Lawson

    Thanks for sharing this information. Google changes things so much i’m glad that there are great post out here like this one to keep us up to date, thanks again.


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